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A good way to look at how much house you can forward is to use the popular 28%/36% rule. The principle is pretty simple: The amount you spend on housing should. Our home affordability calculator estimates how much home you can afford by considering where you live, what your annual income is, how much you have saved. Calculate how much house you can afford using our award-winning home affordability calculator. Find out how much you can realistically afford to pay for.

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Lenders use a figure called your debt-to-income ratio (DTI) to determine if you're eligible to buy a house. Your DTI is calculated by dividing the sum of your. Most financial advisors agree that people should spend no more than 28 percent of their gross monthly income on housing expenses and no more than 36 percent on. Generally speaking, most prospective homeowners can afford to finance a property whose mortgage is between two and two-and-a-half times their annual gross.

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When determining how much house you can afford, a good guideline to follow is the 36% rule. Your total monthly debts, including your projected mortgage payment. To determine how much you can afford for your monthly mortgage payment, just multiply your annual salary by and divide the total by This will give you. When you're buying a home, mortgage lenders don't look just at your income, assets, and the down payment you have. They look at all of your liabilities and.