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Extreme cold weather clothing refers to clothing for arctic or mountainous areas. Its primary function is to trap air as an insulator to prevent heat loss. Testing of extreme cold temperature clothing. Clothing designed to provide protection against sub-zero temperatures needs to offer a very high level of. Shop for Extreme Cold Weather Clothing at Save money. Live better.

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Dec 25, - Extreme Cold Weather Clothing - Modern Antarctic Apparel fo the Coldest Conditions. Base Layer Set · Coat · Socks · Shirt · Snow Pants · Sport Gloves · Hat. Clothing, cold weather This outfit consists of a heavy fur coat or cloak over layers of wool clothing, as well as a fur-lined hat or hood, goggles, and fur-.

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There are dozens of options to protect your head from cold weather, and layering is a good idea in extreme. Newer, high-tech cold weather clothes contain a base layer that wicks away moisture, an insulating layer that traps warm air against the body, and a shell that. We've got the best winter jackets for extreme cold - the best bibs, coveralls, headwear, boots and gloves too! Our Extreme, Iron-Tuff and PolarForce collections.