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The International Studies program will give you the skills you need — learning an additional language, cultural awareness, professional studies — whether. International studies majors are required to take seven core courses across the disciplines of the liberal arts and sciences including political science. The International Studies program offers an interdisciplinary major, with the option of concentrating in Diplomacy and Security or Sustainability and Global.

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International Studies Quarterly, an official journal of the International Studies Association, seeks to acquaint a broad audience of readers with the best r. International Studies · A focus on a particular international theme or geographic area of concentration; · Exposure to other cultures, people, and places; · An. Here's what you can do with an International Studies degree. Learn about global issues & start a career in the government or private sector.

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Students of International Studies are often natural diplomats, some have a gift for languages, but all have a heightened curiosity about the world and foreign. Definition. International studies examine societies, cultures, and languages, as well as systems of government and associated relationships (Flinders, ). International Studies is the study of the major political, economic, social, and cultural issues across the globe. Learn more · Looking for Scholarships & Study.